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Hong Kong Mutual Funds / Prices & Performance

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1602 funds
Rank ChartFund Group Focus Curr BidOffer6m 1y 3y  
1[+]chartAB American Growth Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD51.026.525.241.2add to basket
2[+]chartAB American Income Portfolio A2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD24.922.70.115.6add to basket
3[+]chartAB Asia Ex Japan Equity Portfolio A EURAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityEUR12.472.1-0.3-10.9add to basket
4[+]chartAB Asia Pacific Income Portfolio A2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD15.720.5-2.6-add to basket
5[+]chartAB China Opportunity Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD37.68-6.67.3-15.6add to basket
6[+]chartAB Dynamic Diversified Portfolio AX USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AMixed AssetUSD19.993.68.310.5add to basket
7[+]chartAB Emerging Market Local Currency Debt Portfolio A2 HKDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestHKD113.81-3.5-10.7-add to basket
8[+]chartAB Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Portfolio A2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD17.093.0-0.4-add to basket
9[+]chartAB Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD16.472.6-3.018.4add to basket
10[+]chartAB Emerging Markets Growth Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD36.36-1.14.0-11.6add to basket
11[+]chartAB Emerging Markets Multi Asset Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AMixed AssetUSD13.340.0-3.3-add to basket
12[+]chartAB Euro High Yield Portfolio A2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD30.955.816.926.4add to basket
13[+]chartAB European Income Portfolio A2 EURAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestEUR18.004.311.818.1add to basket
14[+]chartAB European Value Portfolio A EURAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityEUR12.358.830.119.0add to basket
15[+]chartAB Eurozone Strategic Value Portfolio AX EURAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityEUR9.789.438.014.1add to basket
16[+]chartAB Global Bond Portfolio A2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD17.77-0.1-1.23.1add to basket
17[+]chartAB Global Conservative Portfolio A2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AMixed AssetUSD19. to basket
18[+]chartAB Global Equity Blend Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD14.905.119.015.4add to basket
19[+]chartAB Global Growth Trends Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD53.553.715.313.4add to basket
20[+]chartAB Global High Yield Portfolio A2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD13.574.34.921.6add to basket
21[+]chartAB Global Plus Fixed Income Portfolio A2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD15.982.0-0.1-add to basket
22[+]chartAB Global Real Estate Securities Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.APropertyUSD20.590.6-4.117.3add to basket
23[+]chartAB Global Value Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD14.356.422.817.8add to basket
24[+]chartAB India Growth Portfolio AX USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD104.8317.95.3-18.7add to basket
25[+]chartAB International Health Care Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD215.7511.923.143.3add to basket
26[+]chartAB International Technology Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD171.185.021.322.4add to basket
27[+]chartAB Japan Strategic Value Portfolio A JPYAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityJPY7,828.00-7.6-3.03.7add to basket
28[+]chartAB Mortgage Income Portfolio A2X SGDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestSGD13.501.14.1-add to basket
29[+]chartAB Real Asset Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AMixed AssetUSD17.593.95.0-add to basket
30[+]chartAB Select US Equity Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD22.365.915.6-add to basket
31[+]chartAB Short Duration High Yield Portfolio A2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD17.482.53.5-add to basket
32[+]chartAB Thematic Research Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD18. to basket
33[+]chartAB US Small & Mid Cap Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD25.816.926.341.1add to basket
34[+]chartAB US Thematic Research Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD14.318.930.427.6add to basket
35[+]chartAberdeen Global Asia Pacific Equity A2 Acc USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD73.780.41.54.4add to basket
36[+]chartAberdeen Global Asian Local Currency Short Duration Bond A2 Acc USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.Fixed InterestUSD6.84-1.0-2.5-0.2add to basket
37[+]chartAberdeen Global Asian Property Share A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.PropertyUSD19.11-4.2-11.819.6add to basket
38[+]chartAberdeen Global Asian Smaller Companies A2 Acc USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD45.12-2.6-5.320.7add to basket
39[+]chartAberdeen Global Australasian Equity A2 AUDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityAUD31.33-0.1-2.3-0.9add to basket
40[+]chartAberdeen Global Chinese Equity A2 Acc USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD23.85-3.4-2.9-4.1add to basket
41[+]chartAberdeen Global Eastern European Equity S2Aberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityEUR85.56-15.1-7.9-19.3add to basket
42[+]chartAberdeen Global Emerging Markets Corporate Bond A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.Fixed InterestUSD11.732.90.114.8add to basket
43[+]chartAberdeen Global Emerging Markets Equity A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD65.85-2.8-4.31.1add to basket
44[+]chartAberdeen Global Emerging Markets Infrastructure Equity A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD8.58-1.7-5.8-0.5add to basket
45[+]chartAberdeen Global Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.Fixed InterestUSD10.70-4.1-11.4-5.6add to basket
46[+]chartAberdeen Global Emerging Markets Smaller Companies A2 Acc USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD18.58-5.6-6.910.2add to basket
47[+]chartAberdeen Global European Equity A2 EURAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityEUR44.395.117.621.2add to basket
48[+]chartAberdeen Global European Equity Dividend A2 EURAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityEUR188.295.517.322.5add to basket
49[+]chartAberdeen Global European Equity Ex UK A2 EURAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityEUR11.035.918.717.8add to basket
50[+]chartAberdeen Global Indian Equity A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD103.708.56.4-1.5add to basket
51[+]chartAberdeen Global Japanese Equity A2 JPYAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityJPY335.12-4.6-2.521.8add to basket
52[+]chartAberdeen Global Japanese Smaller Companies A2 JPYAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityJPY933.51-3.30.738.1add to basket
53[+]chartAberdeen Global Latin American Equity S2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD4,061.19-8.7-12.9-15.3add to basket
54[+]chartAberdeen Global North American Equity A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD22.835.017.329.7add to basket
55[+]chartAberdeen Global North American Smaller Companies I2Aberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD14.485.427.438.9add to basket
56[+]chartAberdeen Global Responsible World Equity A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD11.454.813.022.1add to basket
57[+]chartAberdeen Global Russian Equity S2Aberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityEUR7.02-23.0-15.9-36.7add to basket
58[+]chartAberdeen Global Select Emerging Markets Bond A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.Fixed InterestUSD39.192.2-2.619.2add to basket
59[+]chartAberdeen Global Select Euro High Yield Bond A2 EURAberdeen Global Services S.A.Fixed InterestEUR19.504.715.012.9add to basket
60[+]chartAberdeen Global Select Global Credit Bond D1 GBPAberdeen Global Services S.A.Fixed InterestGBP1.717.512.317.4add to basket
61[+]chartAberdeen Global Select High Yield Bond D1 GBPAberdeen Global Services S.A.Fixed InterestGBP1.096.816.519.8add to basket
62[+]chartAberdeen Global Technology Equity A2 Acc USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD4.448.617.625.2add to basket
63[+]chartAberdeen Global UK Equity A2 GBPAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityGBP21.425.018.930.2add to basket
64[+]chartAberdeen Global World Equity A2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityUSD18.834.411.724.5add to basket
65[+]chartAberdeen Global World Equity Dividend E1 EURAberdeen Global Services S.A.EquityEUR10.95- to basket
66[+]chartAberdeen Global World Resources Equity S2 USDAberdeen Global Services S.A.Commodity/EnergyUSD13.872.512.1-9.7add to basket
67[+]chartAccess PCP Emerging Markets NAVAccess PCPEquityUSD35.85-2.9-2.7-15.3add to basket
68[+]chartAccess PCP Global Balanced NAVAccess PCPMixed AssetUSD10. to basket
69[+]chartAccess PCP Global Opportunities NAVAccess PCPEquityUSD9.510.48.17.4add to basket
70[+]chartAllianz Asia Pacific Equity A EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR19.7420.733.99.20.6add to basket
71[+]chartAllianz Asian Multi Income Plus AM NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxMixed AssetUSD9.51-1.8-3.25.8add to basket
72[+]chartAllianz Best Styles Euroland Equity I EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR10.1710.177.136.314.2add to basket
73[+]chartAllianz Brazil Equity AT EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR70.4573.97-7.3-11.9-30.1add to basket
74[+]chartAllianz BRIC Equity CT EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR69.8271.22-6.7-1.0-30.4add to basket
75[+]chartAllianz China A-Shares AT NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD9.54-11.6-11.0-27.6add to basket
76[+]chartAllianz China Equity A NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD45.22-2.67.8-13.3add to basket
77[+]chartAllianz Emerging Asia Equity A NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD56.238.712.36.5add to basket
78[+]chartAllianz Enhanced Short Term Euro AT EURAllianz Global Investors LuxMoney MarketEUR108.77108.770.46.3-3.0add to basket
79[+]chartAllianz Euro High Yield Bond AT EURAllianz Global Investors LuxFixed InterestEUR139.94144.144.413.214.2add to basket
80[+]chartAllianz Euroland Equity Growth AT EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR156.31164.134.217.326.6add to basket
81[+]chartAllianz Europe Conviction Equity A EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR154.56162.296.025.423.1add to basket
82[+]chartAllianz Europe Equity Growth AT EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR184.06193.265.118.831.4add to basket
83[+]chartAllianz Europe Equity Growth Select AT EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR109.20114.664.7--add to basket
84[+]chartAllianz European Equity Dividend AT EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR228.92240.379.128.726.9add to basket
85[+]chartAllianz Flexi Asia Bond AT NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxFixed InterestUSD10.430.0-3.7-add to basket
86[+]chartAllianz Global Agricultural Trends AT NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxCommodity/EnergyUSD11.859.313.44.8add to basket
87[+]chartAllianz Global EcoTrends A EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR94.9799.727.228.413.1add to basket
88[+]chartAllianz Global Equity AT USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD11.9712.575.019.532.2add to basket
89[+]chartAllianz Global Equity Unconstrained A EURAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityEUR201.57211.656.116.819.7add to basket
90[+]chartAllianz Global Hi-Tech Growth A NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD17.504.041.435.3add to basket
91[+]chartAllianz Global Metals and Mining A NAV EURAllianz Global Investors LuxCommodity/EnergyEUR51.52-3.54.4-50.1add to basket
92[+]chartAllianz Global Small Cap Equity IT NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD1,178.103.526.347.2add to basket
93[+]chartAllianz Global Sustainability A USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD24.0125.216.422.927.8add to basket
94[+]chartAllianz Greater China Dynamic AT NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD14.9610.421.412.4add to basket
95[+]chartAllianz HKD Income AM HKDAllianz Global Investors LuxFixed InterestHKD9.8310.320.2-0.4-add to basket
96[+]chartAllianz Hong Kong Equity A HKDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityHKD9.519.99-0.48.4-9.8add to basket
97[+]chartAllianz Income and Growth AT NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxMixed AssetUSD13.445.212.8-add to basket
98[+]chartAllianz India Equity I USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD974.53974.5313.25.3-17.6add to basket
99[+]chartAllianz Indonesia Equity A USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD6.246.555.6-19.5-8.4add to basket
100[+]chartAllianz Japan Equity A NAV USDAllianz Global Investors LuxEquityUSD15.58-7.5-0.819.4add to basket